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Level Up - Change The Mind

Reaching Your Success

Requires A Mind Shift

We Bring A 21st Century Approach To
Curriculum Development & Remote Learning

It does not matter if the learner is a K-12 student or an adult looking to expand their horizons to reach another professional level. It is time to break free from the traditional box of learning. 19th Century learning no longer meets the needs of our minds in this day in age. 

Innovation, creativity, engagement, and the means to learn from the comfort of one's home any time of day needs to be incorporated into the education model.

Innovative Playground



A Remote K-12 Program To Encourage Innovation & Creativity While Learning

DMMSI® has created a national program, SOLU7ION, to forge a path in providing academic support for K-12 students. Our goal is to close the achievement gap and undo the COVID slide. We provide schools with additional resources that they do not have to prepare students for the high demands of their future academic and professional pursuits by providing a remote arena to improve their reading & writing literacy. We have also gamified learning to increase their educational knowledge in math, languages arts, science, and social studies. SOLU7ION engages and incentivizes students to take back control over their self-directed learning and set their own goals for prizes.

School closures during COVID caused educational losses for some students resulting in the COVID Slide. Through SOLU7ION, it is DMMS's goal to close the achievement gap and undo the COVID slide. 




COVID Slide?

A consistent finding across multiple research studies is that student mathematics and literacy achievements suffered because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced schools to shut down physical operations in the spring of 2020 and make abrupt changes to instructional delivery systems. By the time students began the 2020/2021 school year, students were, on average, the equivalent of 2–3 months behind in terms of their math achievement. This deficit is often referred to as the “COVID slide.”  

Curriculum Development

Our goal is to provide programs and resources to help people invest in themselves.  We use non-traditional methods to help students, schools, and organizations! 


Our Areas:

  • K-12 Curriculum Development

  • Adult Curriculum Development
  • STEM Program Development

  • Classroom Management Training

Adult Students
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