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Thank You To All Who Have Applied

Deadline Passed

FREED Ambassador
(Direct Sales Representative) 
Deadline: December 20th   |   Start Date: January 6th

About DMMSI:

Open Position:

FREED Ambassador: Is a 1099 Independent Direct Sales Representative/Manager who creates customer awareness, presents to potential customers, and closes the sale on DMMSI's SOLU7ION student licenses and sponsorship marketing packages.  FREED Ambassadors are also responsible for expanding FREED by bringing on new FREED Sales Reps (DMMSI Representatives) and training them on how to create customer awareness and close sales on DMMSI's SOLU7ION student licenses and sponsorship marketing packages.


DMMSI is looking to hire 20-30 driven FREED Ambassadors to launch our Sales Management Team and to introduce company products to potential customers and close sales.  We are limiting our Ambassador Team to a maximum of 30 due to our Annual Bonus incentive. FREED Ambassador’s responsibilities include researching competing products, identifying opportunities to increase sales, and assisting in the development and execution of sales and marketing plans/processes. You should also be able to answer customers’ questions regarding product pricing, availability, features, and benefits.  By becoming a FREED Ambassador, you are helping launch a brand new program; therefore, by being first and helping this vision become a reality you receive higher commission rates and additional bonuses paid out annually.  Once you have gone through our vetting process, you will always keep the title and perks of a FREED Ambassador.  Meaning you no longer have to hit monthly sales and on-boarding quota to keep your FREED Ambassador status once you are vetted!!


To be successful as a FREED Ambassador, you should demonstrate strong negotiation skills and convince customers to purchase company products. Ultimately, a top-performing FREED Ambassador should achieve exceptional customer service and ensure that purchased products are rolled out to customers and that they are on boarded in a timely manner.


Location:    Remote (DMMSI is based out of California; Business Hours 9am - 6pm M-F)

Hours:        Flexible; Make Your Own Hours


FREED Ambassador Duties

  • Meeting or exceeding monthly sales quotas (10 SOLU7ION Licenses or Student Sponsorships a Month).

  • Starting after Month 7: meeting or exceeding monthly new FREED Sales Reps on boarding quota. (On-Board 1 New FREED Sales Rep a Month)

  • Canvassing territories to present company products to potential customers.

  • Assisting management in identifying viable marketing and pricing strategies.

  • Demonstrating product features to customers.

  • Contacting leads and setting up appointments to present company products.

  • Completing orders through your personal website for processing.

  • Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs

  • Own recruiting, objectives setting, coaching and performance monitoring of FREED Sales Reps

  • Develop sales team through motivation, counseling and product knowledge education.

FREED Ambassador Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.

  • You are a self-starter who is able to learn DMMSI’s vision and products offered.

  • You have a high work ethic and need very minimal supervision.

  • Communication skills: you listen first and speak second. You don’t chastise in public. You are aware of the message you transmit to your team, how it’s delivered, and how it’s perceived.

  • Integrity and trust: You never ask FREED Sales Reps to do something immoral, illegal, or something that goes against a company’s core values.

  • Ability to build relationships with peers, cross-functional counterparts, and upper management: You are committed to helping others be successful.

  • Empathy and ability to understand customer viewpoint and customer service

  • Ability to unite a team under a shared vision and know what motivates each member.

  • Analytical skills: You can use data-driven reports to spur sales coaching sessions and empower FREED Sales Reps to take ownership of their opportunity pipelines. 

  • The ability to prioritize and effectively manage time

  • You sweat the details, understanding that little things can matter when bringing something new to the world. You notice when something isn't right and you collaborate with your team to fix it.

  • You're excited to work on a bold mission, like building a future of without student loan debt. 

  • Proven sales experience is preferred (not required). We are launching something new and need people to think outside the box of traditional sales.

FREED Ambassador Compensation 

  • 25% Sales Commission (5% higher than regular FREED Sales Reps) 

  • 5% Sales Commission on sales made by FREED Sales Reps that you personally on-board and train.

  • Quarterly Bonus: Set your own personal goals to hit our quarterly bonus tiers.

  • Annual Ambassador Bonus: Split a percentage of all annual sales with FREED Ambassador Team. (Not available to regular FREED Sales Reps)

    • Year 1 ONLY: Split 5.0% of All Annual Sales.

    • Year 2 and On: Split 2.5% of All Annual Sales.

    • Annual Bonus example should DMMSI hit our 5 year sales projections: Bonus Per Ambassador (Guesstimated Numbers) Year 1 - $6,008; Year 2 - $38,208; Year 3 - $163,369; Year 4 - $490,816; Year 5 - $895,860

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