STEM / STEAM Program Inquiry

Step 1: Contact Us

Use the form to the right to tell us more about your desired program: number of students, grade level(s) of students, will this be a reoccurring yearly program (will you have new students each year or will you have a pipeline program where students move to a new level each year and new students start at level one), total hours of your program, the days and hours of your program, the goals/mission of your program, when do you want to launch your program and any other information you'd like to add.

Step 2: We'll Review & Touch Base

Please allow 3-5 business days for us to get back with you.  After going through your needs, we will contact you to schedule a meeting to go over your needs and our ideas.

Step 3: Select Proposal & Get Started

Once we have discussed the best options and programs for your organization / school, you will decide on the route that suites you best.  Upon receipt of your sign customized proposal, DMMSI® will start your STEM Program.

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Pricing per Student


*Above is our cost per student per hour for DMMSI® to develop and facilitate a STEM Program at your site for your students.

Pricing is billed monthly at the beginning of each month based on the number of students enrolled and the number of hours for that month.  Pricing is not based on student attendance.

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