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3Rs+4Cs = SOLU7ION

SOLU7ION: An Engaging Reading, Writing & Coding Literacy Program


We Provide A Way For Students To Read Anywhere Via Their Cell or Computer


Students write innovative book reports on books read.  We work with students to improve their writing.


Students Learn Computer Science Using Real Programming To Play An Adventure Game


Self Made Goals

Students Determine

How Much They Win

Science and Technology Class


Our SAAS connects with a mobile and online Reading Portal that includes a growing core library of over 5,800 authentic texts, with a personalized recommended reading engine for each student based upon their individual Lexile® level, grade level, and reading interests.


Students write 'Out Of The Box Book Reports'.  In addition to giving students the ability to explain, interpret, and synthesize what they have read, we virtually work with students and offer personalized tutoring and mentoring to help students to improve their writing literacy through their book report submissions.


Students play a video game to learn to code JavaScript and Python.  We want to prepare students to not only be reading literate, but also coding literate while using math. We help students develop powerful ways to creatively solve problems, think outside the box and acquire the tools they need to become future innovators.



As students read and submit book reports they are earning points to redeem for prizes.  Points Earning Structure: 

 5 Points - Minimum 50 Page Book

10 Points - Minimum 100 Page Book

15 Points - Minimum 250 Page Book

25 Points - Minimum 500 Page Book

35 Points - Minimum 1000 Page Book


Exercise Your Mind Like You Exercise Your Body


Grade Level: Kindergarten to 12th Grade

Price Per Student: $499 - (12 Month Access)

Program Runs: Annually

Family Moments

Individual Student Registration

Each student receives their own SOLU7ION login to keep track of books read and submit book reports / coding logs. This is also where students access points earned, purchase prizes with points earned, and access their individual reading / coding portals.

School Bus

Bulk Student Registration (Schools & Organizations)

Contact us below to let us know how many students you need to register.  We will work with you to begin SOLU7ION at one or all of your sites.