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DMMSI® would like to introduce your to our sponsors.  The companies listed below are helping us make an impact and improve K-12 Reading, Writing, and Coding Literacy nationwide.  

Math Project Manager

DMMSI is looking for innovators and educators to join our amazing team as 1099-Contractors for new curriculum development project for a client. We will be leveling the playing field and bringing academic equity back to education. We are going to be combining rigorous state aligned lessons with immersive 3D technologies and gaming to include the power of interactive courses, 3D hands-on lab simulations, and course walk-throughs. This position reports to the Project Director.

Type: Full Time 1099 Contractor

Salary: $80,790.25 a year

Contract: 3-5 Years

As the Math Curriculum Project Manager you will be in charge of the math design team. We are looking for someone to lead the charge in designing and writing a complete immersive K-12 Education Curriculum to meet the needs of individual students based on their current understanding. We are designing curriculum for a new educational industry. Content will be in a Virtual Reality Ready (WebVR) learning environment that will “wow” and engage students. Students begin to learn with a new method of storytelling while being in the middle of their own learning environment. Visit a demo our our learning environment at:

Students are not the only ones in need of a step up in educational resources. Teachers need to be taught the latest technologies, mentored on how to incorporate technologies into their daily teaching, and trained on how to teach courses that are outside of their trained subjects so they can teach them to students. You will also be in charge of helping the design team create ‘Train The Teacher’ sections for all lessons. We will provide the resources and courses to ensure teachers are trained to teach the classes they are given.

This position requires one to be innovative enough to turn educational content into games, video animations and 3D simulations. You must also be technology savvy. If you are not, this position is not for you.

In addition to submitting a resume and a standard cover letter, you MUST answer the following questions at the bottom of your cover letter:

  • What are your views of our current public education system? What should be done to improve it?

  • What resources are you able to provide to the project from a subject matter expertise standpoint?

  • In your own words how does the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) help maintain high standards and goals for every learner? What is your experience incorporating UDL in instructional design?

  • How would incorporating parents back into their child's education benefit the student?

  • What is your philosophy for education?


  • Create the design and development processes.

  • Create a simple system for organizing information. Keep everything related to the project in one location. Store project documents—including emails, schedules, outlines, first drafts, and revisions—in team electronic folders.

  • Use a project management software and calendar to track deliverable dates, deadlines, and reminders. Because dates are subject to change.

  • Keep detailed records of project activities.

  • Build strong working relationships to improved project outcomes and greater job satisfaction, while reducing conflict and misunderstanding.

  • Utilize your expertise in learning to determine the best method of delivering the content based on the learner. (Must understand the 4 learning types)

  • Must play an important role in the instructional design process by providing needed content and offering a critical eye of the material.

  • Lead the team in designing and writing a complete K-12 curriculum that aligns with each State's Education Standards

  • Lead the team in designing and writing eLearning course materials that are functional, intuitive, informative, accurate and consistent with sound instructional design principles focused on K-12 education from the K-12 curriculum your team has written.

  • Lead the team in designing and writing ‘Train The Teacher’ sections for all lessons.

  • Lead the team in developing templates for various course models.

  • Collaborate with the development team.

  • Add substance to outlines and storyboards.

  • Ensure that content is accurate.

  • Answer questions that arise about the content area.

  • Must possess strong proofreading and editing skills.

  • Provide thorough and detailed quality assurance of all course material.

  • Good sense of aesthetics = designs interactive features that are visually appealing and support learner’s understanding of content.

  • Strong background in Universal Design for Learning concepts, ADA compliance and web accessibility along with assistive learning technologies.

  • Oversee the development of course materials using presentation software compatible with LearnBrite, ChangeMyPath, LMS, Adobe Creative Suite, Articulate 360, and/or Vyond. TRAINING PROVIDED