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DMMSI® would like to introduce your to our sponsors.  The companies listed below are helping us make an impact and improve K-12 Reading, Writing, and Coding Literacy nationwide.  

STEM+ Curriculum Designers

DMMSI is working with our partners to bring education into the 21st century. We are looking for innovators and educators to join our amazing team as 1099-Contractors for our 3-5 Year Development Plan. We will be leveling the playing field and bringing academic equity back to education. With our immersive learning environment, we are helping build sustainable, happier and healthier education environments where students and future generations are learning, thriving and becoming more academically prepared to reach their career goals.

We are going to be combining rigorous state aligned lessons with immersive 3D technologies and gaming to include the power of interactive courses, 3D hands-on lab simulations, and course walk-throughs. We are looking for 4-14 STEM+ (Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship & STEM Careers) Curriculum Designers. This position reports to the English Subject Matter Expert.

Type: Full Time 1099 Contractor

Salary: $49,375.00 a year

Open Positions: 4-14

Contract: 3-5 Years

As a STEM+ Curriculum Designer you will be creating lessons and assessments that are not your typical curriculum. DMMSI is designing outside the box of traditional education and is designing curriculum for a new educational industry. Content will be in a Virtual Reality Ready (WebVR) learning environment that will “wow” and engage students. Students begin to learn with a new method of storytelling while being in the middle of their own learning environment. Visit a demo our our learning environment at:

Students are not the only ones in need of a step up in educational resources. Teachers need to be taught the latest technologies, mentored on how to incorporate technologies into their daily teaching, and trained on how to teach courses that are outside of their trained subjects so they can teach them to students. You will also be creating ‘Train The Teacher’ sections for all lessons. We will provide the resources and courses to ensure teachers are trained to teach the classes they are given.

This position requires one to be innovative enough to turn educational content into games, video animations and 3D simulations. You must also be technology savvy. If you are not, this position is not for you.

In addition to submitting a resume and a standard cover letter, you MUST answer the following questions at the bottom of your cover letter:

  • What challenges do you see and face on a daily basis in your classroom?

  • What do you see that teachers need the most to improve the quality of education within their classrooms?

  • How would incorporating parents back into their child's education benefit the student?

  • What is your ideal classroom and/or school setting that would work for achieving and at risk youth?

  • What is your philosophy for education?


  • Design and write a complete K-12 curriculum that aligns with all each State's Education Standards

  • Design and develop eLearning course materials that are functional, intuitive, informative, accurate and consistent with sound instructional design principles focused on K-12 education from the K-12 curriculum your team has written.

  • Design and write ‘Train The Teacher’ sections for all lessons

  • Conduct instructional research and apply tested instructional design theories, practice and methods to course design.

  • Design and develop eLearning rooms within LearnBrite. TRAINING PROVIDED

  • Work closely with Subject Matter Experts to develop templates for various course models.

  • Must possess strong proofreading and editing skills.

  • Provide thorough and detailed quality assurance of all course