Black Technology Mentorship Program

(Any Age)


3Rs +4Cs = SOLU7ION

Win Prizes While Improving Your:

K-12 Reading + Writing + Coding



DMMSI is under the umbrella of the Black Technology Mentorship Program (BTMP)

BTMP for Adults

18 to Any Age (FREE)

Do you want to change your career path, start a new career or start your own business?  BMTP inspires, educates and brings underserved black communities into technology! What is included:

  • Virtual Speaker Series

  • Virtual Mentoring & Coaching

  • Virtual Education

  • Virtual Internships & Job Shadowing

  • Job Placement

To register click below to create a free account (All registration done securely on FamilyID) - An email confirmation will be sent to verify your email.  Once confirmed those you may register.

Our mentees are so very important to us!  What we do:

  • Deliver coaching and mentoring support, so mentees are guided in the direction that best uses their strengths.

  • Create learning environments that encourage exploration and discovery which allows mentees to narrow down available career and entrepreneurship options before pursuing areas that don’t fit.

  • Prepare talent that is performance driven and has the necessary commitment and skills to work on dynamic product delivery teams.

  • Provide opportunities for engagement in team pilot projects and/or competitions to hone skills.

  • Provide mentor/mentee stipends and resources to ensure that typical barriers such as WiFi and hardware accessibility hardships are removed.

  • Create entrepreneurs of tomorrow in emerging tech through proper incubation and acceleration.

  • Build a career pipeline of black talent that’s prepared for the evolution of industry 4.0 and emergent technologies.

  • Create environments where new entrepreneurs are inspired to contribute their complete working selves and are guided well.

Program Starts September of 2020

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K-12 Students (FREE)

BTMP & SOLU7ION (Reading, Writing & Coding Program)


To Register Parents Must Click Below To Create A Free Account (All registration done securely on FamilyID) - An Email Confirmation Will Be Sent To Verify Your Email.  Once Confirmed, Parents May Register Their Child(ren).

We have 5,000 open slots for K-12 Black students throughout the nation to join SOLU7ION for 12 months at no cost (meaning a sponsor will cover your $499 annual fee). You are allowed to pre-register as many of your children as you'd like.

Students are not allowed to register themselves, parents must register their child. Sign up to have your child in our fun and engaging reading, writing, and coding program all year long.  All students are also in the above BTMP.  


BTMP starts September 2020

SOLU7ION starts November or December of 2020 - Secure Your Child's Spot Today!

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Registration Requirements:

  • Each student must have an email address that is different from their parents and siblings. Email address can not be shared as parents and students will all have login access. If your child does not have an email address you may NOT register them. You can create a free email address with Google and then come back and register them.

  • For students from K-3rd Grade, they will need personal help from parents to go through the program at a younger age. If you are unwilling to work with your child through this program, please do not register them. Younger students will not be able to get through this program on their own. Supervision and in home oversight is needed.