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Take their FREE Personality Test and get a 'freakishly accurate' description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.



Career planning is an exciting task many teenagers look forward to. Parents are in a unique position to support and encourage their children as they plan for the future.

STEM In Sports.

The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

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Browse CareerOneStop's video collection to learn about careers, industries, skills and abilities, or work options and education levels.

STEM In Communication & Medicine.

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Administration & Business Management: Charity Fundraiser
Administration & Business Management: Customer Service Manager
Administration & Business Management: Events Manager
Administration & Business Management: Human Resource Manager
Administration & Business Management: Management Consultant
Administration & Business Management: Personal Assistant
Administration & Business Management: Project Manager
Administration & Business Management: Translator
Animals, Farming & The Environment: Animal Care Worker
Animals, Farming & The Environment: Ecologist
Animals, Farming & The Environment: Farm Manager
Animals, Farming & The Environment: Horticultural Worker
Animals, Farming & The Environment: Landscape Architect
Animals, Farming & The Environment: Veterinarian
Animals, Farming & The Environment: Zookeeper
Arts, Crafts & Design: Fashion Designer
Arts, Crafts & Design: Graphic Designer
Arts, Crafts & Design: Illustrator
Arts, Crafts & Design: Interior Designer
Arts, Crafts & Design: Jewelry Designer
Arts, Crafts & Design: Makeup Artist
Arts, Crafts & Design: Photographer
Arts, Crafts & Design: Product Designer
Arts, Crafts & Design: Textile Designer
Construction: Architect
Construction: Builder
Construction: Carpenter
Construction: Construction Manager
Construction: Cost Engineer
Construction: Electrician
Construction: Plumber
Construction: Structural Engineer
Construction: Town Planner
Engineering & Manufacturing: Aerospace Engineer
Engineering & Manufacturing: Chemical Engineer
Engineering & Manufacturing: Civil Engineer
Engineering & Manufacturing: Drilling Engineer
Engineering & Manufacturing: Electrical Engineer
Engineering & Manufacturing: Mechanical Engineer
Engineering & Manufacturing: Motor Vehicle Technician
Engineering & Manufacturing: Telecom Engineer
Finance, Law & Politics: Accountant
Finance, Law & Politics: Actuary
Finance, Law & Politics: Bank Manager
Finance, Law & Politics: Economist
Finance, Law & Politics: Financial Advisor
Finance, Law & Politics: Investment Analyst
Finance, Law & Politics: Judge
Finance, Law & Politics: Lawyer
Finance, Law & Politics: Politician
Finance, Law & Politics: Trader
Health & Medicine: Dentist
Health & Medicine: Medical Doctor
Health & Medicine: Midwife
Health & Medicine: Nurse
Health & Medicine: Occupational Therapist
Health & Medicine: Optometrist
Health & Medicine: Pharmacist
Health & Medicine: Physical Therapist
Health & Medicine: Radiographer
Health & Medicine: Speech Therapist
Information Technology & Computing: Cyber Security Analyst
Information Technology & Computing: Database Administrator
Information Technology & Computing: Game Developer
Information Technology & Computing: IT Support Executive
Information Technology & Computing: Network Engineer
Information Technology & Computing: Software Engineer
Information Technology & Computing: System Analyst
Information Technology & Computing: Web Developer
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: Actor
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: Camera Operator
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: Dancer
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: Editor
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: Journalist
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: Musician
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: Sound Engineer
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: TV/Film Director
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: TV/Film Producer
Performing Arts, Media & Journalism: Writer
Sales, Marketing & Advertisement: Advertising Account Executive
Sales, Marketing & Advertisement: Buyer
Sales, Marketing & Advertisement: Market Research
Sales, Marketing & Advertisement: Marketing Executive
Sales, Marketing & Advertisement: Public Relations Officer
Sales, Marketing & Advertisement: Real Estate Agent
Sales, Marketing & Advertisement: Sales Executive
Sales, Marketing & Advertisement: Store Manager
Science & Research: Astronaut
Science & Research: Astronomer
Science & Research: Bio-technologist
Science & Research: Food Scientist
Science & Research: Forensic Scientist
Science & Research: Geo-scientist
Science & Research: Marine Biologist
Science & Research: Materials Scientist
Science & Research: Meteorologist
Science & Research: Microbiologist
Science & Research: Pharmacologist
Security & Emergency Services: Air Force Airman
Security & Emergency Services: Army Solider
Security & Emergency Services: Coast Guardsman
Security & Emergency Services: Corrections Officer
Security & Emergency Services: Firefighter
Security & Emergency Services: Intelligence Officer
Security & Emergency Services: Navy Sailor
Security & Emergency Services: Paramedic
Security & Emergency Services: Police Officer
Security & Emergency Services: Probation Officer
Security & Emergency Services: United States Marine
Social Service & Teaching: Care Home Manager
Social Service & Teaching: College Professor
Social Service & Teaching: Counselor
Social Service & Teaching: Day Care Worker
Social Service & Teaching: Elementary School Teacher
Social Service & Teaching: Librarian
Social Service & Teaching: Psychologist
Social Service & Teaching: Secondary School Teacher
Social Service & Teaching: Social Worker
Social Service & Teaching: Youth Worker

Sports, Leisure & Tourism: Airline Cabin Crew
Sports, Leisure & Tourism: Chef
Sports, Leisure & Tourism: Cosmetologist
Sports, Leisure & Tourism: Hotel Manager
Sports, Leisure & Tourism: Museum Curator
Sports, Leisure & Tourism: Personal Trainer
Sports, Leisure & Tourism: Professional Athlete
Sports, Leisure & Tourism: Travel Agent
Transportation: Air Traffic Controller

Transportation: Airline Pilot
Transportation: Logistics Manager
Transportation: Railroad Engineer
Transportation: Ship's Captain
Transportation: Transportation Planner
Transportation: Truck Driver

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