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21st Century Education Services

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Curriculum Development

DMMSI® uses the Universal Design Learning (UDL) framework to incorporate the values of diversity throughout our design of an inclusive curriculum.  Our goal is to eliminate or reduce the barriers found in trying to achieve academic success. DMMSI® is bringing education to the 21st Century by providing the 3 principles of UDL:

  • Principle 1: Provide multiple means of representation 

  • Principle 2: Provide multiple means of action and expression 

  • Principle 3: Provide multiple means of engagement 

Curriculum Development

Our curriculum and assessments are student centered, relevant, authentic, constructive, and interdisciplinary.  We combine the following learning based models in our custom curriculum development:

  • Activity-Based Learning

  • Inquiry-Based Learning

  • Competency-Based Learning

  • Problem-Based Learning

  • Game Based Learning

Engagement Transitioning

DMMSI® can transform any curriculum into engaging hands-on lessons.  Students lose interest when you just talk at them.  It is time to let students experience their learning, get out of their seats, and step outside of the box of traditional learning.  Our world is changing with how people live day to day.  They are used to being entertained and using all of their senses.  Education needs to be upgraded to meet our students’ needs.

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